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Wyoming Utility Tariffs

The tariff documents stored in our Docket Management System are in Adobe Acrobat "*.pdf" format. You will also need the free Adobe Acrobat reader, which you can download from Adobe's site

To view the Wyoming PSC Docket Numbering System

We have recently incorporated the Tariffs into our Docket Management System (DMS).

Basic instructions on how to Search for Tariffs for a Company in the DMS system.

1. Enter the Docket Management System (DMS)
2. Click on "Submit" after reading the Disclaimer Notice
3. Click on the "Search Companies / Search Annual Reports" radio button
4. Enter the Company ID or Company Name in the appropriate field
5. Click Search
6. Click on the link under Company ID for the company you are looking for
7. Click on the Tariffs tab
8. Open the Attachment (Click on the yellow folder or click on the hyperlink and then click on the Open hyperlink) Note: If the attachment does not open, make sure that you do not have a pop up blocker blocking the website and the "File Download" option is Enabled in the Internet Explorer security settings.

If you need a hard copy of a specific tariff or can not find what you are looking for please contact: The Docketing Section at or by calling 307-777-7427