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Protective Order Forms

The Commission has devloped two forms of protective order, one for general use by almost every type of utility and one specialized form for telecommuncations cases only. They have been tried and used successfully in many proceedings. Although most people will be satisfied with one of these standard forms, you may ask the Commission to include additional provisions based on specialized requirements in your proceeding.

Obtaining a Protective Order. A motion for a protective order is sufficient if it simply asks the Commission to issue a protective order in one of these standard forms. You do not have to attach a copy of the form to your motion. Using either of these forms is the quickest and most efficient way to have a protective order issued for your case.

Review the form before you file. Before you file a motion, please review the current versions of the forms. They will be identified by date on the form itself as they appear on our website. The Commission may amend these forms in the future based on our - and your - experience.

Click below to see the current version of the forms.