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Gas Industry


The Commission regulates eleven natural gas utilities that provide retail gas service to Wyoming customers. These natural gas utilities range in size from relatively small companies serving only a couple hundred Wyoming customers to large, multi-state gas companies who have a Wyoming customer base of over 70,000 customers.

- The PSC has the following primary duties regarding the regulation of natural gas utilities:

- Hearing rate cases and approving rates and tariffs for the companies

- Reviewing, analyzing and hearing gas utility applications to pass-on wholesale cost increases in the cost of natural gas

- Reviewing integrated resource plans for large gas utilities

- Granting certificates of public convenience and necessity for major facilities

- Establishing accounting and depreciation procedures for utilities

- Approving mergers, acquisitions and transactions between companies

- Approving the issuance of securities and creation of liens by the utility

- Mediating consumer complaints regarding natural gas service issues

Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) Filings

An Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is a recurring planning process undertaken by a public utility to identify the preferred mix of supply and demand side resources that will meet projected customer demand, provide service reliability and resource diversity at the least possible cost.

Commission Rule Chapter 3, Section 33 - Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) pertains to Integrated Resource Planning. It states:"Each utility serving in Wyoming that files an IRP in another jurisdiction shall file that IRP with the Commission. The Commission may require any utility to file an IRP."



Gas Utility Forms can now be found at:

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