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Annual Report Viewings

Current and Previous years annual reports can be found at

2017 Annual Report Filings

Due to rule changes to Section 226 - WY PSC Annual Reports will be due on or before May 1, 2018. Annual Report filing letters will be sent out to companies during the month of February 2018. Every public utility operating within the State of Wyoming, whether engaged in intrastate or interstate business or both, shall file with the Commission on or before May 1st of each year an annual report for the preceding calendar year in the form prescribed by and available from the Commission. The Wyoming portion should be shown separately in the annual report.

The PSC will continue to use the Annual Report filing system this year that ties in with the electronic Docket Management System that went into production in the spring of 2010. The report will need to be submitted in both Excel (*.xls) and Adobe (*.pdf) formats.

The on-line annual report electronic forms
will be available during the month of February 2018

Annual Report E-Filing Process

Detailed Instructions for the Annual Report Electronic Forms

Gross Wyoming Intrastate Retail Revenue for the Uniform Utility Assessment

Note: If you are a representing agent you must obtain the Company PIN Number
from the company to file the annual report.

Annual Report Filing for 2016