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Orders have been incorporated into our Docket Management System (DMS).

To search for Orders in the DMS system:

Click on the link below.
Click on "Submit" after reading the notice.
Click on the "Search Orders" radio button under the dark blue ribbon.
Enter your search criteria (Record No, Docket Type, Status, Company Id or Name, Staff, Date Range)
Click on "Search."
Click on the link for the Order No. you would like to view.

Go to Docket Management System (DMS).


To search text within Orders dated between 2014 and 2017,
enter your search criteria in the search box and click the Start button.

Search WPSC orders:


To view the Wyoming PSC Docket Numbering System Click Here


Wyoming Public Service Commission Order Notification Service
The service is currently free to subscribers.
If you would like to subscribe to the Order Notification messages, please subscribe below:

Subscribe to Orders for Wyoming Public Service Commission.


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