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Docket Numbering System

Docket Numbering

Company I.D. - The first part of the Docket number is a unique 5 digit number to identify the company. The first digit of this number also identifies the type of utility:

Company I.D. Type of Company
10000-19999 Co-op &amp REA electric
20000-29999 Private electric
30000-39999 Gas
40000-49999 Rail/Transportation
50000-59999 Pipeline
60000-69999 Cellular Telephone, VOIP, and Radio Common Carrier
70000-70016 Telephone - ILEC
70017-70999 Telephone - CLEC
72000-74999 Telephone - IXC
80000-89999 Water
90000 General Order

Case Number - The second part is a sequential number assigned to each docket filed by this particular company. The first filing would be "1," the second "2," etc. This number does not revert to "1" at the beginning of each year.


Utility Type & Case Type - The third part of the docket number uses a one letter code to again tell us the type of utility, and another to show the type of case:


Utility Type

C = Cooperative & REA Electric
E = Electric
G = Gas
W = Water
P = Pipeline
T = Telephone
R = Radio Common Carrier
L = Railroad
X = General, Executive Order

Case Type

R = General Rate
T = Tariff only; no rate impact
P = Pass-On
S = Securities, Finance
N = Certificate
A = Authority
C = Complaint, customer service problem
I = Investigations
F = Federal, FERC, FCC
K = Contract filing
O = General, Executive Order
X = New Tariffs (InterExchange Carriers Only)
G = General File


File Date - The fourth part represents the year the case was filed.